Ahi Evran University Vocational School was founded in 1976 by the Ministry of National Education, the Common Higher Education Council formal Higher Education Council. In 1982, Vocational school was attached to the Gazi University, which was established with the amendment of the Decree No. 41 of the Law No. 2809 on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions.
It was attached to Ahi Evran University with the new Law No. 5467, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 17.03.2006 and numbered 76111 by  a new additional article added to the Higher Education Institutions Organization Law No. 2809.
It is one of the most modern and well equipped vocational school.
In the vocational school;
There are 4 computer labs with 40 student capacity.
There is 1 electrical workshop.
There is 1 construction drawing class.
There is 1 student canteen with 200 student capacity.
There is 1 conference room for 400 people
There are 12 student classrooms.
There are 16 academic staff rooms.
In the vocational School, which has the most equipped teaching staff of Turkey, there are 11 assistant professors, 21 instructors and 1 specialist.
The most important aim of the Vocational School is to continue education and training activities by opening departments in line with the needs of the region. There is a total of 5 departments in the Vocational High School with this understanding.

The director of Vocational School is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZDURAN since 27 May 2015.

As of the year of 2015, it is divided into two as Vocational High School Vocational School of Technical Sciences and Vocational School of Social Sciences.